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Survival Horror fans, this is your chance! A chance to show Capcom that SH is still worth investing in. The upcoming REmake REmaster is this chance. Unlike Rev, which was only really half SH, and CVX HD, which was a VERY mixed game among the fan base, REmake doesn’t carry either of those burdens. Only one it did carry was being exclusive to a single console, which is now fixed. If this sells well, this could show Capcom that SH can be profitable. If not, they basically prove SH fans are all talk

My Favorite Resident Evil Voice Actor, Face Models and Motion Capture (2/?)

Second round in my personal top list :P 

Paul Mercier & Matthew Mercer - Leon S. Kennedy - Voice Over (I think the most fun thing is that Paul and Matthew have a very similar last name)
Sally Cahill & Courtenay Taylor - Ada Wong - Voice Over (It’s me or both women have a very similar tone of voice?)  
Karen Dyer (Eva La Dare) - Sheva Alomar - Voice Over, Motion Capture
Reuben Lagndon - Chris Redfield - Motion Capture 
Amra Silajdžić Jill Valentine - Face Model ( I recognise that new Jill’s Face is not very pretty like Julia Voth’s face, but if you check Amra’s work, is really amazing!)
Leila Johnson - Alexia Ashford - Voice Over
Brittany Moser - Manuela Hidalgo - Face Model 
Salli Saffioti - Ingrid Hunnigan - Voice Over

See you next time!!

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